Understanding Life.

If life is all that is understanding, then life itself cannot be understood to be an absence within a visual construct, for without aesthetic boundaries, regardless of its awareness, the construct cannot be seen to be without absence. With this in mind, if we assume life is but without instinctual recourse required to understand, and if without such a yearning towards instinct, where does one believe that life may yield without it having itself as a path towards reason. Consider the possibility that life is, without reason, a purpose. Assuming the purpose is to reason, then life becomes the purpose. Again, if life is without reason or purpose, then life becomes the means towards the inherent tendencies required to exist. Now if life can be seen to become aware of its organic origins, as if without purpose, then following such patterns signifies life can only exist to hold in reverence the concern with which it becomes capable to signify the interpretative ability to become its own understanding. Life may then evolve without instinct, but with a clarity of reason, if only to reason with itself. This such environment instructs life, with the forgiveness of time, that life itself becomes the instruction towards its own existence. Now we discover that living has its origin in the instinctual blueprints through an organic purpose. So if in fact, life begins with purpose, we cannot safely say that life is purpose, nor that is has purpose, but merely that life becomes its own purpose. Without purpose, life is without reason, and therefore unaware of its existence. Considering life as being without reason is again a method towards understanding, but understanding is almost as if one could find itself living without thinking to breathe. So if reason is not life, but life is a purpose towards reason, then understanding life is without instinct.

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  1. 1 On August 12th, 2007, Richard Cast said:

    If you say that life without purpose leads to a failed existence, then how is life with purpose any different? I think you nearly hit the nail on the head, but the final point was flawed as it does not differentiate between purpose with reason, and purpose without reason. I’m very interested to hear what you think about that scenario.

  2. 2 On April 23rd, 2009, justin said:

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