On Expertise, SEO, and Ethics.

When does one, either through subjective interpretation, or word of mouth, consider the cultural ethics of what one does for a living. Where we find ourselves culturally universal, with all the illusions of independence and individuality, and yet resort to atrocities to increase bank profits so we can indeed live within a higher plane of projected existence. This concern is not without merit, after-all, it is not so difficult to find one’s self in the company of such ignorance in our every day’s dealings. Where web design companies offer services relating, if not directly related, to search engine optimisation, but have almost no understanding of the environment to meet any expectations, and with this, we recoil in fear when the services they may indeed offer, advertise themselves as ‘the’ field experts. Could it be possible that this is truly the way of the future? Why is this practice acceptable?

Consider this… we live in a world where advocates and experts of web standards build their online identities around HTML code that does not validate, nor does it meet any real standard of accessibility, so one must ask why, or more substantially, how do these people continue to exist? And yes, they continue to thrive, and they continue to write and speak ‘expert’ testimonies at programmer conferences in every corner of the world, all through bourgeois family ties, leaking confidence from all available orifices, and somehow the bystanders watch and accept everything they are told. If web development had its own American Idol, these are the people we would first laugh at, and then later wish death upon, if only for the sake of quality control and justice.

We live in a time, where the potential for exceptional talent and modesty are losing their prestige to celebrity hairstyles and ironic slogans screen-printed with authentic aerosol paints. A solution would be simple, but would mostly be considered unethical by the masses, but this social malady must be stopped, and if not for the sake of culture, then for the sake of creative expression and stability.

posted on the 21st of February, 2008 in seo | 1 Comment
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