The Agile Work Ethic.

A solution to misinterpretation through computer languages such as Ruby or Python is based on the problem without which a solution would find itself as the sole reason for such a selection. Considering that the agile work ethic in many ways disregards itself with what would commonly be considered the protestant aesthetic, then we can assume, if only when in direct conflict with the ideal solution, that agility in one such environment would indeed become the means to the solution, if not for the baby steps required. In days gone by, an effort to distinguish the problem from a mirrored effect known as the ‘Rights to Manifestation’ has become apparent without the need for agility, but if we become concerned with the agile practice, we find ourselves locked in a fashionistic sensibility that null and voids, and then terminally distorts the end result. Nevertheless, such a divergence of practical resources becomes perceptible to a slave mentality that truly believes in such nonsense as a survival of the fittest within the social restraints of our cultural environment, where, and only when, technology itself does indeed become the focus of the solution, but without the relentless questioning required if when the problem itself becomes probable. Consider that we, as purveyors of modernistic variations in existence, feed off obtuse reasoning brought forward in academia, but almost without a proper grounding in the physical, or worse yet, structural parameters required of one in such scenarios. If agility is then considered worthless, but not less nor more than alternative work ethics, we become concerned not with the problem at large, but rather the distinct possibility that we may in fact become obsolete by our own misinterpretations of healthy work practices.

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